May 31, 2020 update on the storm damage to the BRP shop:

BRP's shop was significantly impacted by the Tornado that passed through Oconee County, South Carolina. The NWS has ruled the Tornado an EF-3 and it is the largest tornado that has ever hit our area. Unfortunately, the Bishop Racing Products shop was in the direct path.

May 31, 2020 update on the storm damage to the BRP shop:


 Repairs to the BRP shop have been moving in a positive direction! The work on the roof is nearing completion. We have been dry inside for about 2 weeks now. There is still a good bit of permanent sealing along the seams but it's really nice to be able to stand inside the building during rain and stay dry. We were also able to get temporary power turned back on this week with the roof being nearly complete. This has allowed us to test all of our machinery and those tests have gone well. At this point we feel like all the equipment will be fine but we still have some unknowns since we haven't started production. 


Where are we with production?

We know this is the question you all want answered. We will begin limited production by the end of this week! Limited production is because we do not have permanent power established. The temporary does not allow us to run our machines like we normally would.  This adds time to all of our processes. We can and will add time to our normal work

 days but it won't be enough to completely cover the lost time. It is estimated that this will last another 5 weeks. While it's not a perfect situation it is much better than where we were. We are happy to be able to produce tires at this point. 

 As you can imagine this has been a very stressful time for us. We see the light at the end of this tunnel we have been in. We thank you for reaching out and letting us know we have your support. We will begin taking orders later this week or early next week. We want everyone to understand that we will start where we left off. New orders will be produced in the order in which we get them once we complete 

the existing orders. We will need your patience for a while longer.

 Thank you all again for your support during this time. We look forward to making tires and getting back to normal.

  Please check back on the website for updates. We are working tirelessly to overcome this natural disaster. 



Since 1986...
BRP has been dedicated to making quality quarter-scale rubber tires.


BRP has been around since 1986, originating in Buena Park, California and moved to Springdale, Arkansas. Over the years, Todd Bishop continued to find better ways to make the best products through technology, constant testing, and good old-fashioned hard work.
BRP mixes our own rubber compounds, makes and glues all our tires by hand. CNC Machined molds make our tires true, and consistent like no other.
In 2019, the Standridge Brothers took ownership of the brand. The only noticeable change in BRP is their mailing address; now they operate out of Seneca, South Carolina. They continue the tradition of ensuring each product is perfect and hope to streamline your ordering process.

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